Mostly from the beginning

I have been spending a lot of time reading blogs. Researching how to create a blog. Which hosting site? Do you pay for it or not? Do you buy your domain name? And I decided I wanted to pay for it. I want a blog I would want to read. The blogs I have found that I love to read and browse mostly are the ones that are paid for.

So why am I on a free site? Thank you for asking. Because I am blogging as a way to document my journey into jewelry making, designing…something! Which kind of leads into how MickyAnn came into existence to begin with…

I have spent the last four and a half years working in the mental health/social services/rehabilitation field thinking that I would retire from it. I had made a few job changes within that field over these last few years, always searching for my nitch. Always to start out really excited, ready to take on the world and help individuals. Only to get burnt out, begin to feel bitter about all that I was missing with my child at home (including her 1st Christmas) and all the time my hubs (also currently in the field) did not have together.  Then came September 3, 2013. I had a follow up meeting to a weeklong suspension from work. No need to go into the details…I did not do what was alleged that I did. However, HR decided that my hard work and dedication was not worth fighting for. So I was terminated.

Now after giving myself two weeks to process the emotions that come with being terminated. And after being told by a perspective employer (that I had basically put all my money on so to speak) that after an excellent interview, panel interview and being at the top of their pile of candidates during all of their talks and negotiations, they went with another individual. That was the last blow I could take…at least for a while. I decided I needed to find a way to “contribute” while I was at home. I remembered my love of crafting, sewing, friendship bracelet making and creating. When those memories came flooding back I felt as though something was awakened within me. So I ran with that.


I spent the Fall craft show season doing several shows that were fun. But I spent more money paying fees to participate, gas to get there and food to eat (because I would have good intentions of packing and either do so and forget it at home or forget to pack) then I made. However, my plan, goal,  new dream has not wavered. Which is very new for me. Usually that first show with no success  would have been enough for me have thrown in the towel and said forget it. Not this time, no, MickyAnn is going to be successful. I believe in my heart, at least for such a time as this I am right where I am suppose to be. Staying home with my mini caveman (you’ll hear more about her later), taking jewelry making classes (that leave me feeling more alive than I have in years) and getting back to my creating roots.

Oh and back to why I’m on the free site…short version. The paid site I found and fell in love with wanted 36 months worth of hosting and domain fees upfront. Which was not a bad deal (overall much cheaper than I had envisioned)…but not wise in the position I’m in.

We’ll chat soon!

Big Love,



Author: createmickyann

MickyAnn has grown from a lifelong love of creating things with my hands. Which is turning into something new everyday. It's a journey…won't you join me?

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