Down the block…

Have you ever had a moment where the instant you looked at the outcome of your work you knew it was done? And it brought tears to your eyes?

I just did! I had this picture in my head of how the finished project would look. Then I looked at it and knew, I knew I did not need to bend another bit nor another hit with the hammer…I was done. And it made me cry. That is how invested in this journey I am. When it is right, it is right. I am daily washed in a peace has I doodle out designs, cut wire to begin to bending, tie knots on a bracelet or research a method that is bouncing around in my brain space.

I am finding myself drawn to locations swimming in the arts. Locations where walking down the street you can experience multiple concerts on several different corners. Locations that have allowed their streets to become art galleries. Locations that cause you to breathe in a little deeper because you are surrounded by such creativity, life and art. Locations where down the block becomes a therapy session because your senses are awakened. Locations like Downtown Richmond, Virginia, Downtown Saint Joseph, Michigan, Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, Saugatuck, Michigan and Chicago Illinois.

These locations have been therapy sessions for me. They have awakened my soul when I thought I had should it down. These locations somehow always find a way to bring me back to life. These places in my heart that in times of heartbreak, disappear, disappointment and letdown God always brings them back. Through pictures, a movie filmed in one of them, a random trip or dream. These locations hold memories and moments that will always remind me of creative greatness. They all signify stops along this journey that continues to reinvent itself. Yet somehow each one always brings me back to a place within myself that allows me to breathe a bit deeper.

Big Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Randi


Author: createmickyann

MickyAnn has grown from a lifelong love of creating things with my hands. Which is turning into something new everyday. It's a journey…won't you join me?

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