Wrong flux…Right Idea

Greetings from the Workbench!

I hope you are wishing Spring here as much as I am! Maybe if we all think it…it will be! 😀 I know I am ready to be wearing flip-flops and capris, taking walks with my mini cave-girl in the warmth and being able to spend more time just being outside not bundled up.

         I have spent the last week trying to make soldering at home work. It is fighting against me for all that it is worth. The design and creation process that goes into making a ring is one of the skills I have learned that I want to continue building on. Not being able to solder at home makes it very difficult to practice my skills.

         Each ring I have attempted to make this past week has either not soldered at all or the solder breaks when I reshape the shank. After looking into soldering materials a bit more I have come to the realization that it is not me or my skills…but rather the flux and solder I have on hand. The flux quite honestly is made for copper pipefittings soldering. I am 100% sure that is the first and biggest problem. Second, the solder I have is for soldering around foil tape. I will figure it out…right now it is on hold until I find some money.

         The job search is still not proving fruitful. Sales are not increasing. So there is a much longer list of needed supplies and materials than there are funds to provide them. We will get through this season. I have been making some found object items for the shop out of materials I already have. That is the plan for the rest of the day…pictures and posting. So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.


Big Love,




Author: createmickyann

MickyAnn has grown from a lifelong love of creating things with my hands. Which is turning into something new everyday. It's a journey…won't you join me?

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