No Inspiration…

Greetings friends! I am siting here thinking of choices I have had to make over the last couple of days and I am torn about them. Siting here listening to the Breakfast Club in the background while my mini cave-girl sleeps and hubs is at work, I thankful for being able to just sit here.

I have no inspiration or motivation today to make anything…no wire, no beads, no floss…nothing! I have a wicked headache. The headache got severe when I answered that phone call. Setup that interview. Please do not get me wrong; I am thankful for any opportunity to interview. This one however, looks, feels and seems like it will put an end to MickyAnn. That makes me ill. Is that a guarantee? No, of course not. It just feels very desperate today. Very final, all because I agreed to it.

I long to make jewelry that individuals wake up in the morning planning outfits to wear with it. I long to have a space where children and adolescents can come in and experience the arts. I do not know how to make any of this happen now and I have the time, taking a full-time job is going to eat into the time I now get to devote to MickyAnn. I think that is what makes me ill. Having a plan but not knowing how to make it come to life.

This is where we’re journeying today friends. Thank you for reading. Thank you for following. I will be keeping you all posted. I will not be giving up. I will just have to come up with a new plan for the plan. I have been working on a few new pieces of jewelry the last week…I’ve leave you with a picture. So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.

A little mixed media necklace!

Big Love,




Author: createmickyann

MickyAnn has grown from a lifelong love of creating things with my hands. Which is turning into something new everyday. It's a journey…won't you join me?

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