Greetings from the Workbench!
I have been making a lot of friendship bracelets lately. I think it is partly out of simplicity of being able to tote them around with me. I tend to tape them down to the desk and can work on them anywhere. I have been teaching myself some new patterns. I have even devoted a day each week to them on my facebook page. (
Friendship Fridays!, is a day each week to see the new pattern I’ve made for the week. As well as have a chance to win a BFF set. I think it is important to let my fans know I appreciate every single one of them.
On the topic of friendship I want to say Thank You! Throughout all of the chaos that has been my family’s last year, I have to say how thankful I am for my family and friends for their support. Wither they have helped us financially or physically helped us move, were willing to spend time with us in our sad, depressed emotional state. Every bit of it has been noticed and means more to us than you could ever know. We are not through the thick of it…But we will get there.
To each customer of MickyAnn’s I say Thank You! Thank you for believing in me, the product and small business owners. We have a long way to go, but with your support and belief MickyAnn will continue to grow. It has to. MickyAnn has to grow in order for me to see some of my other dreams come to be.
So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.
Big Love,


Author: createmickyann

MickyAnn has grown from a lifelong love of creating things with my hands. Which is turning into something new everyday. It's a journey…won't you join me?

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