Hard Love 

During hard seasons we need to find something that reminds us of the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a light. But often in the hardness of the season we lose sight. That is the importance of the pack we surround ourselves with. For me, one of my things, is the music I listen to.
I bought a cd for my hubs at Christmas, at what became the beginning of this hard season for us. The cd spoke to my soul from the very first tones of sound. It has not left my truck since it entered. It has been my fight song for this battle I am in. For me, it goes beyond diagnosis and cancer and treatment. I am walking through a journey of healing with my God that goes much deeper. The Lord knew I would need NEEDTOBREATHE HARD LOVE to walk with me. And walk with me they have these past couple months.Though I have been a fan for years. Each album they put out seems to come to me at just the time I need the words they have beem given. HARD LOVE is no exception.

Just remember big things my friends! Big things are coming! So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.