Snotty Noses and Productivity

Greetings friends. Have you ever tried to be productive when you have a snuffed up nose? It is near impossible. I have come down with a cold and my productivity has gone down. I have sketched quite a bit more. I should scan some of sketches for you all one day and show you just how much I am not a sketcher. HAHA I blame the change in weather in Virginia. One day it is snowing feet of snow and four days later it is 50 degrees.

The outcome of attempting to be productive. Not too shabby!
 I did spend the other morning while my mini cave-girl and hubs were gone to story-time at the local library sculpting some rings. I love working with 14 gauge wire and my pliers. It is my current favorite thing to do. This is what came of that quit work session. I do not get many of them. It is very rare I get a chance to be up before everyone in the house or get left in the house at my workbench alone. So I wanted to take advantage of it. Even though all I truly wanted was to lie on the couch. I think they turned out wonderfully!

              I am participating in two giveaways on Facebook. I am a little nervous. There are a bunch of small business owners who network and have giveaways; they build their fan-base and sales this way. I am hoping that is the outcome for me. I am looking forward to it, but still a little nervous. If you have not checked out my Facebook page now would be a good time, prizes to be won. Here is the link…

               Well friends, since I did manage to get out of bed this morning before the mini cave-girl I am going to take this opportunity to see what I can accomplish while the house is still quiet. As always thank you so much for being on the journey with me. Until next time…

Big Love,



Burnt Finger in the Snow

Greetings from my Workbench. In prepping for the big snow storm Virginia got last week, having a blah kind of week and trying to get back to our normal routine I have gotten behind in my posting. For that I am sorry friends. The snow sort of shut things down around here…well at least in our house for a few days. I am sure in many homes across other parts of Virginia has well.

               Moving on…I mentioned in my last post (It’s My Born Day about starting the process of learning to solder. So after that lesson during the class I am taking I decided it was time to break out the soldering iron I purchased about two months ago. Break it out I did. I designed this ring I was going to gift my hubs with for Valentine’s Day and set out to make it.

               Soldering irons get HOT! Hello, right they are made to heat and melt metal. So I am holding this 14 gauge silver plated copper wire in my left hand and the soldering iron in my right. The wire begins to get hot, so I am gently reminded to make other arrangements. Then I put it down and pick up my flat nose pliers to hold the wire…mind you it has been formed into this perfect circle. I am applying the solder but it’s not holding…I put the soldering iron down and grab the nearest pliers. The nearest pliers were my brand new nylon tip pliers I got for my birthday…yeah they have melt marks in then now! L I then went to pick the soldering iron back up to finish what I was doing. I grabbed it past the handle. WOW! Really?! That’s HOT! Those were pretty much my exact thoughts in that moment.

My first attempt at soldering. Not perfect…but not too bad!

               The ring is finished…I am happy with it. I took it to class this past week and my teacher gave me some great fed back. She has this way of pointing out everything you are doing right and then having an entire class on what proper technique is for what you need work on without making you…well me anyway, feel like I am being put down or criticized. In fact I am challenged, enlightened and encouraged in a way I believe students should leave the classroom! She turned the lesson (maybe it was her plan all along, maybe it wasn’t) into ring shank making…changed my world! I have not stopped sketching and designing all of the rings I am going to make. I am so very excited!

               Now friends that is where my journey has taken me over the last week…sorry if you have felt abandoned. I have missed being here and present. But I am back. My workbench is wonderfully cluttered with all that I have been working on. My etsy shop has new things that have been added. And all is going well in my sphere. I hope the same can be said about yours. Until next time.

Big Love,


Down the block…

Have you ever had a moment where the instant you looked at the outcome of your work you knew it was done? And it brought tears to your eyes?

I just did! I had this picture in my head of how the finished project would look. Then I looked at it and knew, I knew I did not need to bend another bit nor another hit with the hammer…I was done. And it made me cry. That is how invested in this journey I am. When it is right, it is right. I am daily washed in a peace has I doodle out designs, cut wire to begin to bending, tie knots on a bracelet or research a method that is bouncing around in my brain space.

I am finding myself drawn to locations swimming in the arts. Locations where walking down the street you can experience multiple concerts on several different corners. Locations that have allowed their streets to become art galleries. Locations that cause you to breathe in a little deeper because you are surrounded by such creativity, life and art. Locations where down the block becomes a therapy session because your senses are awakened. Locations like Downtown Richmond, Virginia, Downtown Saint Joseph, Michigan, Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, Saugatuck, Michigan and Chicago Illinois.

These locations have been therapy sessions for me. They have awakened my soul when I thought I had should it down. These locations somehow always find a way to bring me back to life. These places in my heart that in times of heartbreak, disappear, disappointment and letdown God always brings them back. Through pictures, a movie filmed in one of them, a random trip or dream. These locations hold memories and moments that will always remind me of creative greatness. They all signify stops along this journey that continues to reinvent itself. Yet somehow each one always brings me back to a place within myself that allows me to breathe a bit deeper.

Big Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Randi

Things I’ve Learned…

Hi Friends! Thank you once again for stopping by.

I have been learning a lot since beginning this blog. So I thought I would share a few of those lessons with you. Learning is such an important part of any journey. I have learned over the years that if you do not learn the lesson the first time, it will likely come back to visit you to ensure that you caught on. I am trying to catch on a little quicker these days. In learning all of these lessons lately I am reminded of something my paternal grandfather used to say quite often, “If you don’t learn something new today, the day is lost.” Friends, here is what I have been learning over the last several days.

  1. Thicker gauge wire is not a bad thing. Ha Ha I began taking a jewelry class two weeks ago and had never purchased anything smaller than a 24       gauge or larger than a 20 gauge wire. I realize now that the vision I have in my brain space and the outcome I am going to get with wire I have been buying is not going to match. 14 gauge it is folks!
  2. Pewter charms as far I can tell cannot be altered from the state in which you purchase them at the store. That really great mixed media bracelet I shared with you all in my last post ( is broken. I attempted to ever so slightly bend the flower charm with a rawhide mallet against a wooden stomp. Hitting ever so lightly in order to achieve a slight bend because there simply was not even give in the charm for the leather to lay quite right against the arm. So now the charm is in two pieces. Still looking for a way to alter pewter charms purchased at a craft stores…that is the second one broken since the journey began.
  3.  Hard hard wire is not easily bent. I have a sore index finger, hand pad and thumb to prove this. Other than the low cost I cannot really tell you what made me purchase hard hard wire but alas I did and I have spent the last two days bending an entire spool into would be rings. Hard Hard Wire is hard my friends.
  4. I am completely in love with bending, hammering, forging and designing jewelry. I have many skills I look forward to learning but I am completely in a peaceful love with my round nose pilers and a spool of wire.

Friends I cannot tell you where this journey will lead us. All I can say that for this moment I am content, peaceful and in love with my moment. Each day is different. Bedtime is challenging with my favorite little mini cave-girl. And there is far too often more month left over at the end of the money. However, I would not trade any of the journey I have taken to get to this moment for anything in this world. Stay adventurous and don’t lose your days friends.

Big Love,