That moment when you should be preparing for bed. Instead you begin a project that morphs into something completely different than what you set out to work on. While you are working on a morphed project it starts taking shape into so much more and better than the picture in your mind. This happened to me this week. Several nights in fact. I have the vision (and I still haven’t made it) for a piece that I want to create, so I sat down with my tools and materials. But as I was working something else happened…and it was awesome.
Creating, making, accomplishing and spending time at events meeting new people and talking about my process and jewelry is one of my top favorite things to do. Most times I get to also spend time with my family at these events which is great fun. This season has started off with a bang it is the beginning of May and we have already attended four…that’s right 4 events. It has been a great spring so far. Two events this month with a couple more in June.
I hope you are creating friends. I hope you are growing and trying new things. Testing your own limits. And busting through all those things people said you would never. If you don’t have anyone in your life telling you how amazing you are, let me tell you. YOU ARE AMAZING! Really you are! We can get through whatever season we are in with a little help and encouragement from our people. If you need people I’ll be your people!
We can do this together. We were created for relationship. Just remember big things my friends! Big things are coming! So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.

Big Love,


Beginnings of 2016

Hi there and Hello Friends! I hope I find you well enjoying a big cup of your favorite pick me up beverage. Friends, I have not been at the bench in quite some time. I have been starting a new out of the house job. My pack and I have been moving. My mini cave-girl started kindergarten. The hubs started a new job. The last six months or so have been full of lots of new things for us. We are so excited about where 2016 is taking us. I hope 2016 is starting out wonderfully for you and your pack.

MickyAnn finished off the year well. We had several opportunities to participate in events ranging from outdoor concerts to church bazaars. I am really excited at some of the opportunities that await us. With our pack’s move I will be getting my own studio space. I cannot wait until it is all setup and ready for me to get back to the bench. I have so many ideas and just have not had the space or time to focus on making them happen.

I have so many thoughts running around my head. I am trying to decide which direction to take the blog in. I have been spending a lot of time searching scripture, listening for the Father’s voice and seeking to be challenged in every way He sees the need for a challenge. I want to share the thoughts of my heart with you. I pray they bless you.

One such thought is why are we so hard on ourselves? We believe untruths about ourselves, we talk ourselves into places that only make the hurt worse…we have been created to be amazing beings. We have purposes and talents and tasks to do that only we can do. That is such an encouraging thought for us. I had my mind blown on this thought. If I believe I was created for a purpose and I have been given a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)…Who am I not to seek out my tasks. I am prayerfully seeking out my task. I am so excited to see what happens as we journey forward.

First step is getting the studio all setup. Then get some of the pieces in my head out and made. All the while basking in time with my pack. We have more of that lately and it so wonderful!

So there it is my friends, my thoughts, my heart and maybe even a little rambling. Big things my friends! Big things are coming! So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.

Big Love,


Being MIA

Greetings from my Workbench! Boy, friends have I been MIA! I hope your journeys have been treating you well and leaving you excited. I am currently exhausted. I have been working multiple jobs-outside-the-home. I was almost a year unemployed, and then two weeks I had two jobs. During the last week of my two week notice I worked three jobs. Yes, you read that correctly…3!
During the last week of August our life situation was looking up. The hubs had taken a new full-time job with better insurance. I was working part-time, which was helping take some of the pressure off of him. We found a house with cheaper rent. All of which making it easier to not only think hopeful thoughts, but also feel hopeful. That was a long time coming. That was until August 29 my hubs got fired…for what seems like a personal vendetta. So here we are mid-September; no job for the hubs, no health insurance (probably has me to the most freaked), and me working 72 hours a week.
This is just the reality our word. I am tired. I do not get to see my favorite thangs nearly enough. However, my mini cave-girl started preschool the last week in August. She is doing amazing. They have a think about it chair in her classroom…she has not sit in it once during her first three weeks. I do not think it is possible to be more proud of an individual, than I am of that mini cave-girl.
My jobs allow for time to work on jewelry and business stuff. Which allows some relief from all the “work and commuting.” I have been working on new ideas. I am hoping for a steady pick-up in business. I have had several custom orders lately. It is a pleasure for me to be able to making people smile with a unique piece of jewelry. I have found that the VisArts center where I took my first metal-smithing class, is offering a intermediate level class. I am hoping to be able to take it with Ginny B. When I found out it was being offered I became so excited. Now I just have to figure out how to fit it into my crazy schedule.
I have been teaching myself some new chainmaille, as well as new friendship bracelet patterns. Making schedules and planning posts for my business pages, I have been decided to do a themed post for each day of the week. I am excited about new plans for my business. I am still dreaming of the day I can have an art center for children and adolescents. I have no idea how that will come to be…but I know that I will make it happen. Here’s to being more consistent. So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.

Big Love,

Wrong flux…Right Idea

Greetings from the Workbench!

I hope you are wishing Spring here as much as I am! Maybe if we all think it…it will be! 😀 I know I am ready to be wearing flip-flops and capris, taking walks with my mini cave-girl in the warmth and being able to spend more time just being outside not bundled up.

         I have spent the last week trying to make soldering at home work. It is fighting against me for all that it is worth. The design and creation process that goes into making a ring is one of the skills I have learned that I want to continue building on. Not being able to solder at home makes it very difficult to practice my skills.

         Each ring I have attempted to make this past week has either not soldered at all or the solder breaks when I reshape the shank. After looking into soldering materials a bit more I have come to the realization that it is not me or my skills…but rather the flux and solder I have on hand. The flux quite honestly is made for copper pipefittings soldering. I am 100% sure that is the first and biggest problem. Second, the solder I have is for soldering around foil tape. I will figure it out…right now it is on hold until I find some money.

         The job search is still not proving fruitful. Sales are not increasing. So there is a much longer list of needed supplies and materials than there are funds to provide them. We will get through this season. I have been making some found object items for the shop out of materials I already have. That is the plan for the rest of the day…pictures and posting. So until next we meet at the workbench…keep creating, enjoy your moments and keep your chin up. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.


Big Love,



A few skills goes a long way

Greetings from my workbench! The weather in Virginia is causing me whiplash…I was wearing flip-flops a week ago. Then it snows again today. Growing up here and I am not really surprised by this…but at this point in my life I find it annoying. I will say today’s snow day was very nice because the mini cave-girl, hubs and I got to just hang out. We needed a day like that. 

            I have been designing some new bracelets and necklaces for the shop. I love the way they are coming out. I am finding I am not much of a sketch it out then attempt to create the sketch kind of girl. No, I just sit down at my bench and start doing stuff and hope it works. Lately it has been working. 

            I started with some jump rings in a couple of different sized. Then I decided it didn’t a little something else so I grab my box of beads. I made, I am not sure the proper term, bead charms. I started laying them out in the pattern I thought I would like…different combinations of big jump ring, little jump ring, little jump ring, big jump ring, bead and some on. Once I found the pattern I liked best I connected them. After I had completed a few bracelets I thought, “Why won’t this work for a necklace?” So what did I do?! I made a necklace. Mind blown! Hahaha

          Once you get a skill or two under your belt the direction you can go in when creating becomes inexhaustible. At least for me I am finding a confidence at my bench that I do not think I had before taking a class and learning actual jewelry making skills. There is so much more I have to learn, but now I have good base to go from.  Ginny, the woman teaching the class is someone I hope to remain in contact with for years to come. The little things she suggests with a piece I am working. Or techniques it would take me years and years to learn…she throws them at me and I am just soaking them up.  I’m going to go practice some of them now. As always thank you for stopping by and for being on this journey with me.

Big Love,


Snotty Noses and Productivity

Greetings friends. Have you ever tried to be productive when you have a snuffed up nose? It is near impossible. I have come down with a cold and my productivity has gone down. I have sketched quite a bit more. I should scan some of sketches for you all one day and show you just how much I am not a sketcher. HAHA I blame the change in weather in Virginia. One day it is snowing feet of snow and four days later it is 50 degrees.

The outcome of attempting to be productive. Not too shabby!
 I did spend the other morning while my mini cave-girl and hubs were gone to story-time at the local library sculpting some rings. I love working with 14 gauge wire and my pliers. It is my current favorite thing to do. This is what came of that quit work session. I do not get many of them. It is very rare I get a chance to be up before everyone in the house or get left in the house at my workbench alone. So I wanted to take advantage of it. Even though all I truly wanted was to lie on the couch. I think they turned out wonderfully!

              I am participating in two giveaways on Facebook. I am a little nervous. There are a bunch of small business owners who network and have giveaways; they build their fan-base and sales this way. I am hoping that is the outcome for me. I am looking forward to it, but still a little nervous. If you have not checked out my Facebook page now would be a good time, prizes to be won. Here is the link…

               Well friends, since I did manage to get out of bed this morning before the mini cave-girl I am going to take this opportunity to see what I can accomplish while the house is still quiet. As always thank you so much for being on the journey with me. Until next time…

Big Love,


Burnt Finger in the Snow

Greetings from my Workbench. In prepping for the big snow storm Virginia got last week, having a blah kind of week and trying to get back to our normal routine I have gotten behind in my posting. For that I am sorry friends. The snow sort of shut things down around here…well at least in our house for a few days. I am sure in many homes across other parts of Virginia has well.

               Moving on…I mentioned in my last post (It’s My Born Day about starting the process of learning to solder. So after that lesson during the class I am taking I decided it was time to break out the soldering iron I purchased about two months ago. Break it out I did. I designed this ring I was going to gift my hubs with for Valentine’s Day and set out to make it.

               Soldering irons get HOT! Hello, right they are made to heat and melt metal. So I am holding this 14 gauge silver plated copper wire in my left hand and the soldering iron in my right. The wire begins to get hot, so I am gently reminded to make other arrangements. Then I put it down and pick up my flat nose pliers to hold the wire…mind you it has been formed into this perfect circle. I am applying the solder but it’s not holding…I put the soldering iron down and grab the nearest pliers. The nearest pliers were my brand new nylon tip pliers I got for my birthday…yeah they have melt marks in then now! L I then went to pick the soldering iron back up to finish what I was doing. I grabbed it past the handle. WOW! Really?! That’s HOT! Those were pretty much my exact thoughts in that moment.

My first attempt at soldering. Not perfect…but not too bad!

               The ring is finished…I am happy with it. I took it to class this past week and my teacher gave me some great fed back. She has this way of pointing out everything you are doing right and then having an entire class on what proper technique is for what you need work on without making you…well me anyway, feel like I am being put down or criticized. In fact I am challenged, enlightened and encouraged in a way I believe students should leave the classroom! She turned the lesson (maybe it was her plan all along, maybe it wasn’t) into ring shank making…changed my world! I have not stopped sketching and designing all of the rings I am going to make. I am so very excited!

               Now friends that is where my journey has taken me over the last week…sorry if you have felt abandoned. I have missed being here and present. But I am back. My workbench is wonderfully cluttered with all that I have been working on. My etsy shop has new things that have been added. And all is going well in my sphere. I hope the same can be said about yours. Until next time.

Big Love,